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We have seen a number of players who are having difficulties adding the official Minecraft Character to the profiles. Please follow the instructions below to add your character to your profole:
  1. Click your avatar to go to your profile page
  2. Click the Characters tab
  3. Add Character
  4. Select Minecraft
  5. You will now be asked to enter a code. Do the following:
    1. Start Minecraft on version 1.7.2
    2. Click Multiplayer
    3. Click Direct Connection
    4. Enter: and then click Join Server (see image below)
    5. You should get kicked and a code shown
    6. Enter that code into your Add character
    7. Your character should now be verified and added
News & Recent Activity

Server Downtime

Ricky owner
Rickyling @ AgonCraft
posted Jan 4, 16

The reason why we've been down for most of earlier is a corrupted section of chunks in the West Gate region. I've had to manually regenerate and pinpoint the cause, but it seems to be fine now.
The server will be up in a couple hours at most, and hopefully we won't have this issue again.

Server Updates

Ricky owner
Rickyling @ AgonCraft
posted Dec 6, 15

Sorry for the intermittent server outages, I'm attempting to fix it right now. The issue with Towny should be fixed, please report any such issues to staff.

If no staff are available, you can contact me via email at

[A] navett52 You can also contact me at if need be

December Update

Ricky owner
Rickyling @ AgonCraft
posted Nov 27, 15

Hey look an update wow



  • AgonQuests ver 0.01 (See /quest command for more details)
  • Broadcast system completed


  • Removed vote link #8 from /vote


  • Updated Lumberjack quest to fit new Quest system.



  • Progress on broadcast system/auto-announcements
  • Preparations for Towny

Added NPCs:

  • Blacksmith
  • Lumberjack


  • Removed /echest
  • Removed /craft


  • Something I guess

Time to Spice Things Up a Bit!

Jewremy owner posted Jan 17, 15
Hello again,

Server's started to get a bit boring.  I'm feeling like it's time for Economy and Towny.

Chestshop is installed.  See for tutorials.

I'm on the fence about Towny.  It doesn't integrate with Herochat (which we use for cross-server chat, when multiple servers are running) and it's notorious for overriding other plugins.

Let me know if you have suggestions for group plot claiming.
Forstrei To more helpfully rephrase creeper's comment: We can't do anything on the server now that towny is installed. ...
creeper5378 I'm all for economy but if you're going to have problems with the plugins save it for later.

1.8 Bukkit Release

Ricky owner
Rickyling @ AgonCraft
posted Nov 30, 14  -  Updates

I managed to save everyone's homes.  Went with deadbolt instead of lockette.  More controls and more recently updated.

The only catch is that you'll need an admin to break all your signs if your player name is more than 15 characters.

For area protections we went with PreciousStones, which provided the Vault Fields and snitches from the last iteration of the server.

Stargates are enabled as well.

Economy plugin is installed as well, but there's no use for it yet, except between players.

General consensus has been to leave economy out of it and keep it more vanilla.

Griefing is still illegal.  Grief will get your entire history on the server rolled back (/lb rb player <name> since 365 days all).  If you do it again, you'll be banned.

Questions?  Comments?  Please post below!

Hey everyone, great news! Craftbukkit has finally updated for 1.8, and we're almost ready to move back to Towny and all that good stuff. Locked chests should be fine and remain locked as we port to Lockette, but we aren't able to save people's /home 's. You'll need to write down or remember your home locations over this week, before we swap back over.

Thanks for your patience.
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