Field Protections

We use PreciousStones to protect larger volumes of blocks.

You MUST sneak and place any of the blocks in this category to create a field.  Otherwise you're just placing a normal block.

The wand item for PreciousStones is a shovel of any material.  You can right-click on any block to see if it is protected.

Right-clicking on the source block will give you information on the field, if you're allowed.

You can start resizing the protection field by Shift-Left-Clicking with a shovel. During drawing mode you can left click on blocks around your area to tag them as protected blocks, clicking on them a second time untags them. To finish click on the field block again, or shift-left-click anywhere.



Must be run while in the field or while looking at the block.

  • /ps allow <username> - Allows the user access to your field
  • /ps remove <username> - Revokes access to the field
  • /ps allowall <username> - Allows the user to access all your fields.
  • /ps removeall <username> - Revokes access on all your fields.
  • /ps setowner <username> - Sets the owner of the field
  • /ps enable - Turns on the field.
  • /ps disable - Turns off the field.
  • /ps on - Enables placing of fields (default)
  • /ps off - Disables placing of fields


  • Block: JukeBox
  • Breakable by: Owner
  • Field: 17x17x17 cube, centered on the block.

Snitches alert you whenever somebody enters the field.

You can check the log by doing /ps snitch or right-clicking the block with a shovel.


  • Block: Diamond Block
  • Breakable by: Anybody, unless locked with /lock
  • Field: 17x64x17 cube, centered on the block.

Personal Spaces will protect all blocks, crops, animals, item frames and vehicles.  

They block all teleporting except for /spawn and /home

They block /sethome and all Towny claim commands if you are not allowed on the field.

They prevent fire spread and explosions.

They heal you over time.

Personal Spaces also work as Snitches.

Right-click the protection block with any shovel to check the log and see details.