Here is where we will record the Lore of Ilaris. Feel free to add input or changes as more is developed.


  • Northern Ilaris (Travel thru North Gate)
    Northern Ilaris is a wide forest toward the south leading to the berth of the Northern Ice Wall to the North. Northern Ilaris contains the most diverse biomes, from the warm arid beaches of Amuril to the far Northwest, to the transitional Elryl Forest which stretchs like a belt from Amuril to Wolves Foot Island.  

    - Northern Ice Wall - 
    - Wolves Foot Island -
    - Elryl Forest -

  • Western Ilaris (Travel thru West Gate, then head over Northern Bridge)
    In order to get to Western Ilaris from spawn, you must first travel thru the northern section of Catarina, taking a trip past the Great Outdoor Mall and crossing the Northern bridge over the Hulinde River.  Western Ilaris contains some Red Monument Mountains in the South East, and Savanahs to the west.  Here you will find the City of Amuril

    -City of Amuril-
    -Great Outdoor Playermall-
    -Hulinde River Bridge-

  • Eastern Ilaris (Travel thru East Gate)
    Eastern Ilaris is know for is vast forest and being the largest land mass contains many towns and areas to explore.  Noteable areas include Lorlyn Red Valley to the Southeast, Greenloch Swamps to the South, Elrundil Forest.

    -Lorlyn Red Valley-
    -Greenloch Swamps-
    -Elrundil Forest-
    -Gariand Ruins-
    -Shadowden Islands-

  • Southern Ilaris (Travel thru South Gate)
    Southern Ilaris is a vast almost endless desert to the south of Therion. 

    -Ashfield Islands-
    -City of Piressa-


More info on the Kingdoms will be available soon.


For years, the undead horde and other creatures have been repelled Ilaris' shores. The island was an oasis of safety . But in the recent years, dark events have wracked the land. With every full moon, more and more creature have poured into the land, the blood-red moon above remaining a mystery.


Where before, the monsters of the land were poorly organised and only sporadically attacked, they have banded together under the control of strange, powerful creatures.

Their numbers have swelled, and they have grown more audacious in their attacks. However, if these "bosses" are controlling the lesser monsters, who controls the bosses? 


More dungeons are found on a routine basis. Currently we have known maps for the following dungeons.  Explorers have been working for months looking for more dungeons to explore.

  • The Nasty Burrow
  • The Abandoned Fortress
  • Forsaken Mines