• /horses help [command] Lists information about sub-commands
  • /horses buy <Name> <type> Buys a horse of the given breed
  • /horses delete <Name> Deletes the given horse from your virtual stable v0.4.0
  • /horses types Lists the horse types the player has permission to use
  • /horses summon <Name> Summons one of the players horses to them
  • /horses dismiss Dismisses the summoned horse
  • /horses heal [Amount] Heals the players active horse (For a configurable price)
  • /horses rename <Name> <NewName> Renames one of the players horses
  • /horses list Lists all the players horses


  • Horses are invulnerable to owner's damage.
  • Horses can only be hurt if the player can be hurt.
  • Horses won't be deleted when they die, UNLESS killed by a player.
  • Horses are automatically dismissed when the owner teleports.