Throw a chicken egg at any passive mob to capture it. Data (name, etc.) will be stored in that egg. Donors can also capture hostile mobs.

Some mobs are disabled for grief and balance reasons. They are:

  • Ghasts
  • Blazes
  • Villagers
  • Enderdragons
  • Withers

It costs 200 Munny to capture a single mob.

You can place a sign (as described below) to guard your mobs.


MobCatcher now offers a Sign-based mob protection system!

This feature will allow you to keep your mobs safe. Within the radius of your sign, you are the only one who can capture mobs.

To Create a MobCatcher Sign:
Line 1: mobcatcher
Line 2: whatever you want to name the area
Line 3: radius (only if PlayerSet is enabled, otherwise leave blank)
Line 4: Blank