The following is a partial liste of running plugins including a breif description with player commands to help you navigate their use.  The full list of player commands can be found on the Commands page.

  • Horses - (
    Horses is a Virtual Stable Management system which allows players to buy, store and summon horses. Horses will provide you, the server owner, the ability to create a mmorpg style mount and stable system.

  • Jobs - (
    A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting. Class based (experience increases as you perform your job).

  • LogBlock - (
    LogBlock is the best block logging plugin for Bukkit server. Not only is it awesomely powerful, it’s blazing fast! Everything is logged into a MySQL database, allowing developers to hook in and produce things such as player stats and even administrative panels. Every loggable action can be logged with LogBlock: WorldEdit, leave decay, fire, sign changes, explosions, chest changes, player and animal deaths, chat, commands and more!

  • LunarCycle / BloodMoon - (
    The monsters that come out at night are tired of dying, and every full moon they will launch a massive attack. It's best if you stay indoors, unless of course you want a horde of overpowered monsters attacking you!

  • LWC - (
    LWC is the longest-lived single block protection plugin that protects both the block itself and contents of Chests, Furnaces, and Dispensers. It can also protect any other blocks, and by default will also protect Doors (Wooden + Iron), Signs and Trap Doors.

  • McMMO - (
    The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. Everything in mcMMO has been carefully thought out and is constantly being improved upon. Currently, mcMMO adds thirteen unique skills to train and level in.

  • MobCatcher - (
    MobCatcher allows players to capture mobs and get the corresponding spawn eggs. This is useful for trading and transporting mobs from player to player or even across worlds.

  • PlayerHeads - (
    Ever PVP someone and get no good loot? Feel like you deserve a trophy for your victory? Then PlayerHeads is right for you! You can now lop off enemies heads in battle, and mount it on a pole for all to fear. Or wear your opponent's face as a mask, like camouflage!

  • PreciousStones - (
    Self service protection system for PVP servers

  • QuickShop - (
    QuickShop is a shop plugin, that allows players to sell items from a chest.

  • RepairSign - (
    The RepairSign plugin provides easy to use repair locations to help improve the user experience from a general perspective. Before making the purchase you can check trough an invoice station how much its going to cost and get a detailed list of all prices for each item. You can even go as far as to change the default pricing for all items in the config. To repair or get estimate left click signs.

  • Stargate - (
    Create gates that allow for instant-teleportation between large distances. Gates can be always-open, or triggered, they can be hidden, or accessible to everybody, they can share a network, or they can be split into clusters.

  • Towny - (
    Towny Advanced is a versatile, player-controlled land management plugin for use with Bukkit/Tekkit/Spigot/Libigot. Towny offers solutions for pvp, griefing, chat, inflated economies and monsters to minecraft server admins. Towny allows players to work together and against each other as they see fit.