Each user is allowed 20 shops

Steps to create a Player store:

  1. Gather snowblock
  2. Place snowblock in unclaimed store plot
  3. Place a chest in plot
  4. Hit chest with item that you want to trade
  5. Type the price in chat
  6. Fill chest with items
  7. Face chest and type /qs sell or /qs buy
  8. Profit :)
  9. Player Mall General Information: (West of /spawn)
  10. Shop plots are 20 blocks wide x 20 blocks long x 20 high.
  11. All stores are run by players
  12. Shops in the Player Mall must be located in an available plot
  13. Let a staff member know if you have any problems or concerns


  • Your sales will be reported across chat
  • To change price break the chest and start at #3
  • Sell more items using double chests
  • You can buy and sell using the same double chest, one sign to sell and one sign to sell items.
  • Sell too low and all your items will go, overprice your items and you will have no customers.
  • Plots can be shared by using /ps allow