Personal Stargates can be made by anybody.

Members can make up to 3, Donors can make more.

  • Stargates are created on your personal network.
  • Nobody can use them except for you.
  • Nobody can break them except for you.
  • They serve as fast travel points between the world or worlds.

Using Stargates

  • To use a stargate, punch the sign to select your destination, then hit the button.

Creating Stargates

To make a stargate, place iron blocks as shown below:

Stargate layout

On the middle of either side, place a sign as shown:

First line: Unique Identifier for your gate. Must be 11 characters or less. THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO ENTER.

Second line: Name of target gate. Optional.

Third line: Blank. It will fill in with your name.

Fourth line: Options (Optional):

        'A' for always-on fixed gate - requires a target name of another gate.
        'H' for hidden networked gate - doesn't show up in your list.
        'B' is for a backwards facing gate (You will exit the back)
        'S' is for showing an always-on gate in the network list
        'N' is for hiding the network name