Hello Mods,

Here's some info to help you out in your duties:

/mm - save your location, put you into creative and give you teleport permissions.  

  • Use /kit modtools to get a compass and logblock tools.  
  • Click with compass to jump, right-click to go through.
  • Punch with farmland to log a block, place it to check the space where it would be placed.
  • Do /mm again to return to your position and restore your inventory.

Ticket plugin: Simple Request


  • /ticket {message}: Makes a message for staff
  • /check [#]: Either check all open requests or enter a number after the command to further look into the request
  • /tp-id: Teleport to the request
  • /claim #: Claim a open request
  • /unclaim #: Stop hanlding the request
  • /close # {message}: Complete a request with a optional message
  • /reopen #: Reopen a closed request


Cross-server banning plugin: Ban Management


  • /ban <username> <reason>
  • /tempban <username> <timeFormat> <reason>
  • /unban <username>
  • /bminfo <username>
  • /banip <username || IP> <reason>
  • /tempbanip <username || IP> <timeDiff> <reason>
  • /unbanip <ip>
  • /kick <player> <reason (optional)>
  • /nlkick <player> <reason (optional)> (If kick logging enabled, using this command will force the kick not to be logged)
  • /mute <username> <reason>
  • /tempmute <username> <timeFormat> <reason>
  • /unmute <username>
  • /warn <username> <reason>
  • /bmreload

Time Format

10s = 10 seconds

10m = 10 minutes

10h = 10 hours

10d = 10 days

10mo = 10 months

10y = 10 years