AgonCraft offers multiple protection features, ranging from single-block to area (field) protections.

Additionally, Towny has chunk-wide protection for groups.


LWC Protection

To protect individual blocks, such as chests, doors, switches and chests, we have LWC.

Each Rank has limits to how many blocks they can lock.

Protections are unbreakable.

View Limits and usages: /climits

Lock block: /lock, /cprivate

Password lock block: /cpassword <password>

Unlock protection: /cremove

Other commands: /lwc

More here:

Field Protections

To protect larger areas, while still staying off the radar, we have PreciousStones.

There are various types, each with its own functions.

More here:

Most players will only need to know the basic functions of LWC. That is, protecting blocks and managing said protections.

There are 3 protection types in LWC:

Public Anyone can access the protection, but no one can protect it for themselves. Mainly useful for community chests that store items for anyone to use (or a chest in a Factions' Faction for any faction member to use)
Private By default, only you can access the protection. You can also add other players and groups to the protection so that they, too can access it. So your chest and doors can only let in your close friends and those you choose to add to it.
Password The protection has a set password and you need to enter it each time you login. This can of course be shared with other players -- they will be able to access the protection until they log out (after that they will need to re enter it)

Note: Most servers will protect blocks to 'Private' when you lock them. This is the default behaviour in LWC. If you want a password chest and it's already protected, simply use the command /cremove and then hit your chest to remove the protection first.

Ok great, but how do I create a protection?


Field Protections

We use PreciousStones to protect larger volumes of blocks.

You MUST sneak and place any of the blocks in this category to create a field.  Otherwise you're just placing a normal block.

The wand item for PreciousStones is a shovel of any material.  You can right-click on any block to see if it is protected.

Right-clicking on the source block will give you information on the field, if you're allowed.

You can start resizing the protection field by Shift-Left-Clicking with a shovel. During drawing mode you can left click on blocks around your area to tag them as protected blocks, clicking on them a second time untags them. To finish click on the field block again, or shift-left-click anywhere.